Labryrth fish have an amazing extra breathing organ called a Labyrith Organ, which stores moist atmospheric air from the water surface. This is very useful when you swim in muddy low moving water with little if not any dissolved oxygen.

The most popular labyrith species are bettas and gouramis which are colourful and mainly peaceful families of fishes. A common misconception is that the communal Siamese Fighting fish is agressive, but only to its own kind.

Most gouramis are bred in Asia at a neutal pH and hardness so a pH range of 6.5 -7.5 is tolerated. There are a few exceptions so keep an eye on our fish features.

Labyrith fish can be kept with most community species, with some great little fish for mincro aquariums available.

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Blue Gourami
In stock : 6
Trichogaster trichopterus The Blue Gourami is also known as the Three-Spot Gourami. The Blue Gourami has only two spots, one in the center of the body,... More

Dwarf Gourami
In stock : 5
The Red Dwarf Gourami, is a colour variation of the Dwarf Gourami. They breathe from the surface, known as Labyrinth Fish will there for need access to... More

Female Siamese Fighting Fish
In stock : 7
Betta Splendens Female Fighters or also known as Bettas, are peaceful community fish. Unlike the males of the species they can be kept in small groups.... More

Gold Gourami
In stock : 2
Trichogaster Trichopterus Gold Gouramies are very hardy and pretty fish. When small they can be kept in smaller aquariums, but once they get to sub adult... More

Golden Honey Gourami
In stock : 2

Opaline Gourami
In stock : 3
The Opaline Gourami is also known as the Marbled Gourami, and is a color variation of the Blue Gourami. This gourami is a rather peaceful fish that is very... More

Pearl Gourami
In stock : 1
Trichogaster leerii The Pearl Gourami is one of the most beautiful and prized members of the Gourami family. It is much more peaceful than the Three-Spot... More

Pink Kissing Gourami
In stock : 5
Helostoma temmincki The Kissing Gourami is also known as the Kisser Fish or Pink Kisser. The Kissing Gourami is silvery-peach in color and has thick lips... More

Siamese Fighter
In stock : 6
Betta Splendens The siamese Fighting fish is one of the most elegant beautiful species of fish available. Most people call them Japanese Fighting fish,... More


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